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Who da?

TERRACHROME is the tessellation of EDM, electric guitar, and live visuals.


Our sound falls somewhere in the left field bass genre, mixing melodic bass with ambient dub. We’ve structured our music so that each song tells a unique story through the combination of rhythmic percussion and intricate bass patterns that harmonize with meticulously placed leads and pads. In doing so we feel that we are creating an environment that anyone who appreciates electronic music can enjoy.

What da?

Live Shows

DJ CamJam sets the tempo by juggling between his drum pad and turntables to mix Terrachrome’s original music and hand selected favorites ranging between Downtempo-Chill-Step, Glitch Hop, Psydub, Tribal House, and more. Ghost Agenda further elevates the audio by slathering on nasty-live guitar licks over every song. 


Now that the ears have been properly soothed, Lazer Catcher provides ecstasy for the eyes, with his newly invented visuals coined, “Vinyl Vizualz.” Lazer Catcher takes painted vinyl records and live streams himself hand spinning them on top of turntables controlling the speed and tempo live to the music. This stream is then fed into his visual software where he is able manipulate them further into mandalas, fractals, tiles, and much more. 


Terrachrome is the manifestation of an imaginative band decades in the making. Please join us in our intergalactic journey.

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